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WSI Client Testimonials

Want to see for yourself what people are saying about us? Read our testimonials and see the kind of experience other clients have had with us. We know you'll be pleased.

Our Clients: WSI Client Testimonials

WSI has helped thousands of businesses worldwide.
Here are a few testimonials from some of our satisfied clients.


"The site is awesome; I just wanted to thank you and your entire team for all the hard work and dedication that went into making this a huge success. We were just discussing that WSI has been our best out sourced partner in the last 5 or so years."

Mark Hunsinger
Technical Services
Hagemeyer North America


"Well WSI certainly didn't disappoint. The site has out preformed our expectations by 5 fold and we are in the process of reviewing how we handle our growth and distribution given our recent online success. Please give the entire team a "big" thank you."

Tom Davidson

Rand McNally

"Just a quick note of thanks and insisting we use the WSI Benchmarking Strategy to help determine the best conversion key words as we are 273% over our expectations to date. Thank Chris and the entire team for all of us."

Ingrid Mancini
Marketing Manager
Rand McNally


"Hey Team, just a quick note of thanks for all your hard work on the 2006 Stretch Drive Program. WSI blew the doors off our expectations with its integrated strategies and really set us up for a great 2007."

Steve Hartkopf
VP Marketing

SWB Technology

"My sincere thanks to WSI for the website you have created.The service you provided was extremely good from the launch of the temporary website and email server to the finished design. I'm very pleased with the 'feel' and especially the functionality. I am very happy with how easy it is to edit and manage and the features. Obviously a lot of thought and effort has gone into its programming to create a user friendly intuitive interface. Thanks again."

Scott Bredda
Managing Director
SWB Technology

Doc's Harley Davidson

"It has been a short two months since we asked WSI to address our promotion needs. In that two months, we have not only been educated in what keywords are working through WSI's reports to us, but we have begun to notice a substantial explosion in traffic on our e-commerce website. Our pay per click campaign costs have decreased and traffic has significantly increased through WSI's better management and implementation of our web promotion. In truth, I was very concerned about changing our e-commerce promotion strategy so close to a vital time of the year for us. Understandably, if the transition had been difficult or WSI's promises could not be kept, it would spell disaster. After meeting with the technology team at WSI, our fears were put to rest and in practical application, we have never looked back. WSI rescued our ailing promotion efforts and we couldn't be more grateful. With core responsibilities of product selection, design and upload of our e-commerce product offering here at the store, it is a great comfort to have someone handling our promotion from start to finish. WSI has allowed us the freedom to do what we do best and leave the technology to the experts!"

Rich Blosser
Marketing Manager
Doc's Harley-Davidson

Clarke Basement Systems

"In the past year roughly 5% of our leads came from the Internet. In the past few months that has jumped to just over 50%. One Internet lead that we started work on this week is valued at over $38,000. But big or small we like them all. I am convinced this is a combination of your continued work on our organic positioning on the Web as well as the pay per click campaign which I would highly recommend, but only to those people who want to grow their business. Your ability to get us to the top of the pack almost overnight has been wonderful. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."

Don Clarke
Clarke Basement Systems

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